Derived from the input of States, civil society, international organizations and private sector actors, these voluntary and non-binding Guidelines to Protect Migrants in Countries Experiencing Conflict or Natural Disaster reflect the outcome of the MICIC Initiative.

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Repository of practices

Personal consular podrá capacitarse en línea sobre la atención de sus nacionales en el exterior durante situaciones de crisis

Recientes crisis humanitarias han demostrado que las personas migrantes a menudo se encuentran entre quienes más sufren durante estas situaciones, sean provocadas por conflictos o desastres naturales. Con la creciente movilidad internacional y un número sin precedentes de personas desplazadas por conflictos, violencia y desastres, actualmente la mayoría de países albergan algún tipo de población migrante.  En Mesoamérica habitan más de 2 millones de inmigrantes.

Beijing, China

Migrant workers in a situation of threat or crisis are often more vulnerable than the local population.

UN Migration Agency Moves to Relieve Plight of Migrants Trapped in Libya, Backing AU-EU Plan

Major airlift underway as IOM starts flying 15,000 more migrants from Libya before year end.

Geneva – IOM Director General William Lacy Swing has committed IOM to fully support this week’s initiative of the African Union with the European Union and Libya’s Government of National Unity, with UN backing to alleviate the plight of thousands of migrants trapped in Libya.

IOM Publishes Study on Disaster Risk Management and Human Mobility in Six SADC Countries

Southern Africa is a region vulnerable to a range of hazards, currently experiencing one of the worst drought disasters and food security crisis in modern history. Subject to development challenges, including economic and human development, the region’s vulnerability to disasters is further exacerbated and threatening already gained development achievements.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

One Year of Implementation of the Migrants in Countries in Crisis Initiative: How Can Lessons Learnt Inform the Global Compacts?

In support of the GCM process, this side event served as a space for sharing and discussing recommendations, lessons learnt and good practices.

Panellists included: 

Antonio Parenti, Head of Section Economics, Trade, Development, Delegation of the EU to the UN, New York

Eduardo Rojo Oropeza, Director of International and Interinstitutional Relations, Ministry of the Interior, Mexico

Mechelen, Belgium

Belgium, 17 November 2017 - During the Global Conference on Cities and Migration hosted by the city of Mechelen, Belgium, on 16-17 November, a side event was dedicated to the implementation of the Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC) recommendations in Mesoamerica. The event was organized by IOM Costa Rica, represented by its Chief of Mission, Mr. Roeland de Wilde.

Capacity-Building Tools

IOM has developed and piloted a series of capacity building tools for migrants' home and host countries.

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From Assistance to Engagement: Involving Migrants in Health Emergency Planning Best Assures Their Safety