The online training package “Improving Assistance to Nationals Affected by Crises Abroad” targets consular officials and personnel of relevant home country institutions. The course covers the basics of emergency communication, consular contingency planning, evacuation assistance and coordination with host country institutions. Click to learn more

E-learning for Consular Staff

This training course on “Integration migrants in emergency preparedness, response and recovery” targets the personnel of emergency management institutions. It aims to raise awareness on migrants’ specific vulnerabilities in crises and ways to address them through communication, tailored assistance, and migrants’ engagement. Click to learn more 

Training for Emergency Responses

This registration and travel advice smartphone application can support governments to communicate more effectively with their citizens traveling or living abroad. Click to lean more 

MICIC Smartphone Application

This experiential learning module targets migrant workers as primary audience and can be delivered as stand-alone course or included in broader Pre-Departure or Post-Arrival Orientation trainings. The training raises awareness of main types of emergency risks in migrants’ host countries and some basic preparedness measures. Click to learn more 

Preparedness Training for Migrants

Coming soon!

Coordination Structures

This Toolkit offers guidelines, checklists, templates and other resources to support the operationalization of the MICIC Guidelines’ recommendations on contingency planning, relief, evacuation, migrant engagement, preparedness, communication and other specific themes. Click to learn more 

Toolkit for Implementation