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The MICIC Initiative invites you to share good practices for protecting and assisting migrants caught in countries experiencing crises. Inputs will contribute to the Initiative’s knowledge base and may be included in an online repository.

Through a consultative and collaborative process, the MICIC Initiative collects input from a variety of sources and through different processes in order to produce non-binding, voluntary principles, guidelines, and practices for all relevant stakeholders — governments, international organizations, civil society, the private sector, and migrants. 

Please send completed forms to the MICIC Secretariat at

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Information shared may be published on the MICIC Initiative website and included in an online repository of MICIC Initiative-related practices.  If you do not authorize such publication, please tick the box below.

In case of concerns about sensitive material you wish to share, please use the offline practice form and share it with the MICIC Secretariat by email at: