E-Learning for consular staff

Improving Assistance to Nationals Affected by Crises Abroad - A course for Institutions of the Country of Origin

The online training course targets mainly personnel of institutions mandated with assisting the country’s nationals abroad, such as staff of embassies and consulates, labor attaches, and members of dedicated crisis response teams. It aims to strengthen their awareness on the specific challenges their nationals traveling, living, and working abroad face when confronted with crises in a country different from their own. It also aims to build the capacity of consular staff to address some of these challenges before, during and after crises, including through the use of specific tools. This six hour course can be adapted to different national contexts.

The course is structured in four modules:


  • Nationals Abroad in Crises
  • Vulnerability and Capacities of Nationals Abroad
  • Crisis Situations

Actors and Frameworks

  • International and National Legal Frameworks
  • Collaborating with Relevant Actors

Planning for Crisis

  • Profiling and Tracking Nationals Abroad
  • Improving the Awareness of Nationals Abroad
  • Contingency Planning
  • Communicating with Nationals Abroad in Crises

Responding to Crisis

  • Supporting Evacuations of Nationals Abroad
  • Providing Relief Assistance
  • Supporting Recovery


Click here to download the reference manual and contact us at MICICsecretariat@iom.int if you are interested in taking the course.