Recientes crisis humanitarias han demostrado que las personas migrantes a menudo se encuentran entre quienes más sufren durante estas situaciones, sean provocadas por conflictos o desastres naturales.

By Aidan Lewis (Reuters). Originally published by, here.

Major airlift underway as IOM starts flying 15,000 more migrants from Libya before year end.

Many migrants and refugees found themselves caught between warring parties and zones in Yemen. They fled out the Horn of Africa seeking a safer haven however they found themselves trapped in the middle of the war, without a way out.

Southern Africa is a region vulnerable to a range of hazards, currently experiencing one of the worst drought disasters and food security crisis in modern history.

Conakry - IOM, the UN Migration Agency, recently topped 10,000 rescued migrants repatriated from Libya under IOM’s Voluntary Humanitarian Return programme.

27 October 2017 – In an historic first, starting Friday, all refugees in Ethiopia will be able to register their vital life events, including birth, death, marriage and divorce, directly with national authorities, the United Nations refugee agency announced.

In early October, three Ethiopian boys in Yemen told IOM, the UN Migration Agency, “we miss our family and can no longer stay here.”


Yemen  IOM, the UN Migration Agency, in coordination with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has organized the transportation of 134 Somalis refugees, 73 adults (40 men and 33 women) and 61 children (29 boys and 32 girls), home to Somalia from war-torn Yemen.

Tras el paso del huracán María por las islas del Caribe, un grupo de 36 costarricenses regresaron a su país desde Puerto Rico.