Issue Briefs

The  MICIC Issue Briefs are practice-oriented briefs oriented toward various stakeholders. The Issue Briefs were produced in close consultation with MICIC working group members. The focus of the Briefs includes areas identified through the consultations that require further analysis, interpretation, or clarification. The Briefs also aim to provide clear recommendations on how to integrate protection of migrants in countries experiencing crisis into practitioners and policy makers planning and decision making.

Conflict or Natural Disaster: Does It Matter for Migrants
MICIC Initiative (2016)

Susan Martin, Georgetown University

Evacuation and Repatriation of Migrants in Countries Experiencing Conflict or Natural Disaster
MICIC Initiative (2016)

Briana Mawby and Susan Martin, Georgetown University

Insurance Mechanisms to Protect Migrants Caught in Countries Experiencing Crises
MICIC Initiative (2016)

Emily Zimmerman and Barbara Magnoni, EA Consultants

Responding to Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Times of Crisis
MICIC Initiative (2016)

Sarah Craggs, Laura Lungarotti, Michela Macchiavello, Agnès Tillinac, International Organization for Migration

Reducing Migrants’ Vulnerability to Natural Disasters through Disaster Risk Reduction Measures
MICIC Initiative (2016)

Lorenzo Guadagno, International Organization for Migration