Training of Trainers


Migrants’ vulnerability in times of crisis is shaped by barriers to their access to resources, information and opportunities. This training course is aimed at providing details on why it is important, and how to roll out measure that can help bridge some of these barriers. Such measures include those that the relevant actors can take to improve their capacity to reach, assist and protect migrants before, during and after crises, and those that improve migrants’ ability to access resources, information and opportunities.

This training course is not aimed at covering all of the interventions needed to address the root causes of migrants’ vulnerability, but is focused on improving the inclusion of migrants in crisis preparedness, response and recovery in host countries.

Learning Objectives

  • Raising the awareness of personnel of emergency preparedness, response and recovery actors about migrants’ specific vulnerabilities in the face of different kinds of crises;
  • Providing concrete information and practical guidance to reduce migrants’ vulnerability through a variety of measures, including those on the delivery of appropriate and accessible information and services, improved engagement and involvement of migrants, and evaluation of response efforts and learning from these evaluations.

Target audience

The actions covered in this training course explicitly target the work of State and non-State actors dealing directly with emergency management in migrants' host countries. The main target of the course is the technical staff of emergency and disaster risk management and civil protection institutions who work at the national and subnational levels.

Such actors include those in charge of: providing education and raising public awareness; issuing and disseminating early warnings and emergency information; providing affected persons with evacuation assistance, as well as material and psychosocial support; and planning and implementing recovery and reconstruction activities.

The manual will soon be available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.