Capacity Building Tools

With the support of the U.S. Government, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is pursuing a capacity building program to support Governments to systematically address the vulnerability of migrants in emergencies. In close cooperation with the Governments of Guatemala, Mexico, Myanmar and Thailand, countries respectively sending and receiving large numbers of migrants along two of the most significant migration corridors worldwide, IOM has developed and piloted a series of capacity building tools and activities. Tools are now available to governments and other actors, both in migrants’ countries of origin and of destination, to be adapted to different contexts and priorities.

Home Countries

Migrants’ home countries can provide important support to their citizens affected by crises abroad. Training tools available for home country authorities include a training course for consular officials and a smartphone application.

Host Countries

For migrants' host countries, training tools focus on including foreign nationals in emergency preparedness, response and recovery. Migrants often face specific barriers to accessing assistance, which need to be addressed in inclusive planning and response.