A Workshop was held on 10th of December 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh to validate the country's new Migration Crisis Operational Framework, as well as crisis preparedness and response plans for countries hosting large numbers of migrants from Bangladesh.

In partnership with the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM), IOM organized a tsunami evacuation simulation in the village of Thap Lamu, Phang-Nga province.

IOM and the Ministry of Security’s Sector for Civil Protection trainied relevant personnel on integrating migrant-related considerations in disaster preparedness and response.

IOM trained 22 government and civil society trainers on reducing the vulnerabilities of migrant populations to crises such as natural disasters and conflicts.

35 government participants joined IOM and the Thai Red Cross to consider how to integrate migrant-related considerations in disaster preparedness and response.

A simulation exercise tested Senegal’s response to protecting migrants during natural disasters this week.

IOM trained Djibouti officials on migration crisis management this week, focusing on coordination between agencies to ensure migrant protection is addressed in crisis response.

IOM trained officials of Senegal’s Direction de la Protection Civile on key aspects of managing large population flows and assisting migrants in times of crisis.

Ethiopian government officials continue to build their capacity to respond to large migrant flows and assist migrants during a crisis.

Twenty-six staff from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of 7 South-East Asian countires came together in Tokyo for a workshop on consular contingency planning.