IOM identifies over 700.000 immigrants in Libya in February 2018

  Date Published: 02/22/2018

In the 17th round of DTM Libya data collection taking place in January and February 2018, IOM identified 704,142 migrants in Libya. Migrants were identified in 99 Municipal Councils and 551 branch municipalities and originating from up to 40 countries.

In addition to those identified in urban and rural settings migrants in Libya were also recorded in detention centers. Based on DTM’s latest data, the number of migrants in Libya’s Detention Centers is 4,443 individuals (15/02/18)*.

As displayed in the maps on page 6-7, out of the total number of migrants identified, 650,073 individuals (92%) originate from 31 different African countries, 53,987 individuals (8%) from Asian and Middle Eastern countries and a final group of up to 82 individuals did not disclose a country of origin.

The top 5 nationalities identified were Nigerien, Egyptian, Chadian, Sudanese and Ghanaian, together these nationalities account for up to 66% of Libya’s migrant population.

Out of the 650,073 individuals from Africa, 446,732 (69%) originate from Sub-Saharan countries and 183,226 individuals (31%) from North African countries. The majority of Sub-Saharan migrants (73%) were identified in Libya’s Western districts, 17% in the Southern districts and the remaining 10% in the Eastern districts.

74% of the individuals originating from Asia and the Middle East were identified in the western region and 25% in the East. the remaining 1% were identified in the South.

Originally published by Libyan Express, here

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