IOM Supports Stranded Migrants in Yemen

  Date Published: 11/29/2017

Many migrants and refugees found themselves caught between warring parties and zones in Yemen. They fled out the Horn of Africa seeking a safer haven however they found themselves trapped in the middle of the war, without a way out.

The UN Migration Agency, IOM, has quickly reacted to this alarming situation and has established two Migrants Response Points (MRPs), one in Al-Hudaydah and one in Aden.  Through the two MRPs, IOM provides urgent assistance for vulnerable migrants, of which medical and psychological assistance, food support and protection support. 

Despite the increasing difficulties of access in Yemen, IOM continues to support migrants who need to return home with voluntary humanitarian evacuation Operations. Yemen’s seaports remain today the only feasible route for evacuating migrants out of the country.

During the month of October, IOM managed to operate two returns movements for a total of 285 more Somali refugees via Aden seaport. These movements were coordinated with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other partners, as well as with the representations of the countries of origin.

The situation is more complex for Ethiopian migrants stranded in Yemen, due to the absence of an Ethiopian diplomatic representation and issues in delivering them travel documents.

The current blockade in Yemen of all sea, air and land borders gravely affects and limits the planning and implementation of return operations and alarms of calamitous humanitarian situation.