Reducing migrants’ heightened risk factors during crisis through private sector engagement

  Date Published: 04/19/2018

On 19th April, the country office of the International Organization for Migration in Thailand, participated in an awareness raising workshop on personal disaster preparedness for migrant workers in collaboration with the private sector in Samut Sakhon. The province is one of the most densely populated and economically strongest provinces in Thailand known for its seafood industrial areas. It is also home to a large population of migrant workers, primarily from Myanmar.

IOM has a long-lasting relationship with Thailand’s disaster management personnel and has been working with national authorities to include migrants in crisis management frameworks. Over the past years it implemented under the Migrants in Countries in Crisis programme a number of capacity-building activities to reduce the vulnerability of migrants living and working in the country. The strong partnership with national authorities and their commitment to reduce migrants’ heightened risk factors in times of crisis, increasingly has led to the broadening of IOM Thailand’s outreach activities beyond traditional emergency actors.

In the context of a larger outreach led by national authorities with the private sector, IOM Thailand was invited to facilitate an awareness raising session for Thai and migrants workers on personal disaster preparedness at the premises of the Lucky Union Foods Co. LTD, a large seafood manufacturer. The session addressed heightened risk factors for migrants in the event of natural hazards, including floods and thunderstorms as well as man-made disasters. It also provided basic crisis preparedness recommendations for migrants and context-specific emergency preparedness information.

IOM Thailand will continue to foster new collaborations with private sector actors to sustain its outreach activities on reducing migrants’ specific vulnerability in crisis situations.