The online MICIC repository of practices supplements the Guidelines to Protect Migrants in Countries Experiencing Conflict or Natural Disaster. It comprises existing practices of States, international organizations, private sector actors, and civil society. The practices are illustrative of actions undertaken by these stakeholders and relate to migrants in the context of conflicts or natural disasters.

Identified through broad and inclusive consultations, research, or submissions, information on the practices in the repository is publicly available. The online repository can assist stakeholders to exchange knowledge and expertise in the areas of:

  • Information on crises
  • Information on migrants
  • Empowering migrants
  • Preparedness and emergency response systems
  • Contingency planning
  • Communication before a crisis
  • Coordination
  • Capacity building
  • Communication during a crisis
  • Facilitating movement to safety
  • Provision of humanitarian assistance
  • Referral procedures
  • Relocation and evacuation
  • Support migrants’ recovery
  • Support the recovery of migrants’ host communities

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