Studies and Research

This section features relevant reports and studies that address some of the important shortcomings in the knowledge surrounding migrants in countries experiencing crisis.

Factsheet: South Africa
ICMPD (2017)

The impact and responses to xenophobic violence in South Africa by Zimbabwean informal migrant entrepreneurs.

South Africa Case Study: The Double Crisis – Mass Migration From Zimbabwe And Xenophobic Violence in South Africa
ICMPD (2017)

This case study aims to make a number of contributions to the literature on migration in countries in crisis. 

Factsheet: Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon
ICMPD (2017)

The situation of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon and the impact of the 2006 crisis on this group. 

Lebanon Case Study: Migrant Domestic Workers and the 2006 Crisis
ICMPD (2017)

A case study of migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in Lebanon. Six case studies have been prepared for this project, to provide detailed information on the impacts of crises on migrants, particularly in the longer-term.

Migrants in Baja California - Vulnerability and Risks
IOM (2017)

This study explores exposure to natural hazards and specific conditions of vulnerability of various groups of foreign nationals in Baja California, Mexico.

Migrants in Mexico - Vulnerability and Risks
IOM (2017)

This study explores migrants' exposure and vulnerability to violence and human right violations, as well as to disasters triggered by natural hazards.

Migrants and natural disasters: National law, policy and practice in the Americas
IOM (2016)

David James Cantor, Director, Refugee Law Initiative

Migrants from Myanmar and risks faced abroad
IOM (2016)

This study looks at the population flows currently taking place from Myanmar and highlights the main risk factors that Myanmar nationals face abroad, in areas of transit and destination.

Hazard exposure and vulnerability of migrants in Thailand
IOM (2016)

This study explores how a country with double-digit economic growth through the 1980s and into the 1990s experienced a significant influx of migrants, and what implications the migrants’ presence might hold for future emergencies.

Emerging Findings: A Comparative Study of Six Crisis Situations
ICMPD (2016)

This report presents findings from ongoing research on case studies of various crises in six countries over the last two decades – Côte d'Ivoire, Lebanon, South Africa, Thailand, Libya and Central African Republic.