Global Compact Preparatory Stocktaking Meeting - MICIC Side Event

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

One Year of Implementation of the Migrants in Countries in Crisis Initiative: How Can Lessons Learnt Inform the Global Compacts?

In support of the GCM process, this side event served as a space for sharing and discussing recommendations, lessons learnt and good practices.

Panellists included: 

Antonio Parenti, Head of Section Economics, Trade, Development, Delegation of the EU to the UN, New York

Eduardo Rojo Oropeza, Director of International and Interinstitutional Relations, Ministry of the Interior, Mexico

Enrico T. Fos, Minister, Permanent Mission of the Philippines, Geneva

Malin Frankenhaeuser, Head of the Policy Unit, ICMPD

Michele Klein-Solomon, Senior Policy Advisor to the Director General, IOM

John K. Bingham, Head of Policy, ICMC