MICIC Trainings for Emergency Responders and Migrants

When conflicts or natural disasters erupt, they can disproportionately affect migrants living, working, studying, traveling, or transiting in the country experiencing the crisis. Language barriers, isolated working conditions and limited access to information resources and opportunities, create particular vulnerability for migrants in the face of such crises.

IOM’s training course on “Integrating migrants in emergency preparedness, response and recovery in their host countries” targets the personnel of emergency management institutions and first responders to strengthen their capacity to reach out to, assist and protect migrants before, during and after crises. By integrating and engaging migrants in their work, emergency management actors can play a vital role in reducing migrants’ vulnerability in the context of crises.

IOM’s “Preparedness training for migrants” aims to provide migrants with basic awareness on the main risks they may face in a crisis context in their respective host countries and locations, basic preparedness measures they can take to protect themselves, and key emergency-related sources of information and assistance in the host country.