Preparing Migrants for Emergencies - MICIC Orientation Module for Migrant Workers

Location: Samut Sakhon, Thailand

On 15 December, a one-day training was piloted in the Samut Sakhon province to build the capacity of migrant worker communities in preparedness and response to possible crisis situations. The activity was organized by IOM in collaboration with the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) of Thailand. Samut Sakhon was selected as a target province based on the high number of migrant workers (200,000 Myanmar nationals estimated).

The training sensitized migrants on the main types of emergencies the province is susceptible to and provided information on basic measures that can be taken in anticipation of an emergency. The workshop methodology was practical. Participants leaarned how to prepare an emergency bag and store key emergency contact information.

The 29 training participants included NGO and CBO representatives, as well as interpreters. While there was no pre-test, results of the post-assessment indicated high levels of knowledge and comprehension by trainees. 86 per cent of the participants stated that they were planning to take the necessary measures to be prepared for emergency. The training also enabled local DDPM staff to build relations with NGO and CBO representatives and to gauge the interest of migrants in participating in emergency preparedness  volunteer response networks.

The training will be replicated in other provinces. Training materials will soon be made available on the MICIC website.