23 Jul 2019

Thai official assess solutions to integrate migrants in emergency management

  • Date
    23 Jul 2019, 01:09am
  • Location
    Bangkok, Thailand

35 government participants joined IOM and the Thai Red Cross to consider how to integrate migrant-related considerations in disaster preparedness and response.

Government counterparts shared challenges faced – including budget restrictions, language barriers and the difficulties in maintaining up-to-date information on mobile populations. Possible solutions were outlined, such as engaging employers to share information on disaster preparedness with labor migrants.

Eleven government departments participated across the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. During the meeting, representatives from the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation provided an overview of recent preparedness activities held in southern Thailand - activities which accounted for the presence of tourists as well as Thai nationals.

These discussions took place as part of Thailand’s quarterly Coordination Meetings on Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC) under the PRM-funded Asia Regional Migration Program.