Type of practice: Domestic laws and policies
Country: India
Name of Stakeholder: Government of India
Type of Stakeholder Implementing the Practice: State, State of Origin
Type of crisis: Conflict, Natural Disaster
Crisis phase: Crisis Preparedness, Emergency Response

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A Foreign Employer (FE) may undertake direct recruitment of Indian personnel by obtaining a permit under Chapter IV of the Emigration Act, 1983. The foreign employer will deposit a Bank Guarantee (BG) of US$ 2,500 with the Indian Mission before issue of permit. The BG will be released to the FE after the Mission satisfies itself that the contract period is over and all dues of the worker have been paid by the employer. Foreign employer shall also have to furnish bank guarantee of ten thousand rupees for every person intended to be recruited subject to minimum of one lakh rupees and maximum of twenty lakh rupees, valid for a period of one year over and above the duration of the employment contract.

The Guideline is issued by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.