The MICIC App functionalities may include: 

  • Migrant registration 
  • Migration-related information
  • Online consular services
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • GPS search of closest consulate
  • Travel advisory
  • Emergency warnings and alerts
  • Options for crisis assistance

Registration, emergency communications and consular support

With increasing numbers of people living, working or traveling abroad, setting up effective communications systems that convey relevant information in times of crisis to nationals abroad is a key concern to foreign services and other home country institutions all over the world.

Providing timely, and accurate information for crisis preparedness and relief assistance is key to increasing people’s capacity to protect themselves and to respond more effectively to crisis situations.

IOM has designed this application to assist governments in their efforts to communication effectively with their migrants abroad. The App allows migrants to access basic consular assistance, to receive warnings and emergency communications, and to request specific support when facing hardship. Migrants can also register through the App with their consular office.

For more information on the wireframe and the development of the MICIC App for a specific country, please contact IOM’s MICIC team.